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Kameron Westcott: Girl Power & What It’s Like To Be A Housewife

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Kameron Westcott is a California girl living in Texas. A woman of many hats, Kameron not only has her own line of hand made dog clothes, BabyLou Pooch Couture, but she also is an active member of the Junior League of Dallas, a former styler ambassador for Diffa Dallas, and is very active in the Dallas theater scene. Her TV career began in 2011 when she appeared on Top Chef with her husband, Court Westcott, but her shining moment was when she joined the Real Housewives of Dallas in 2017. The show went off the air in 2019, but the women were reunited in 2021 with the premier of the newest season.

Happy: So… Something, in my opinion, that not very many people know about you is that you have a degree in fine arts!
Kameron: Yes.
Happy: I think that’s is so cool. And I think a lot of people would want to know, what is it about art that made you want to study it?
Kameron: I love everything in the creative world. I love color. Color, of course, affects everyone, in terms of how they react to things in our world. Pink is one of those colors that makes me super happy. I love surrounding myself with pink. That’s kind of why I’m a ‘pink-a-holic’. But, yes, I love being in the creative world. I love decorating. I love designing clothing. I love drawing. I love painting. It’s just my part of the brain. It’s just weird. Like, I’m not that girl that’s going to sit in an office all day. I just can’t. So… I’ve always loved art. My mother actually was into art also. She had a textile company for many, many years. I grew up around all these artists drawing rugs and different home products. So, I naturally just, kind of, molded into my mom. That’s where I get it. My brother and I both loved art, and my children love it too. I think it’s just in our DNA; it’s just a family thing. But, yeah, anything that involves art, anything visual. I’m a visual learner and a visual person.

Happy: That’s so awesome. You can definitely tell with all of your amazing looks that you are that way.
Kameron: Thank you. It’s just so much fun. Life would be really boring if everything was beige, so I use tons of color in my house.

Happy: I definitely agree with that. So you are an ultimate dog lover, which I think is so amazing. You have launched a handmade dog clothing brand, as well as a pink dog food line, called, ‘Sparkle Dogs.’ It seems like dogs are really a passion of yours. Is this something that’s always been a passion, or is it something that kind of started recently?

Kameron: Oh, it’s always been a passion. Everyone that’s known me since I was a little, little kid, knows I’m an animal lover. I used to make voices for animals when I was a child, and it would drive everyone crazy. I would pretend the dogs were talking, and they’d be like, ‘what is wrong with that girl?’ But I’ve always been an animal lover. I’ve always wanted to rescue every animal on this planet. And I have to stop myself, because if I did that, I know I would literally never stop. I would probably have 200 dogs in my house and get in trouble. So I know I can’t go there, but I love to donate to many different animal organizations, and I love to support as many organizations as I can with animals. It just means so much to me. They’ve proven that animals have emotions; they have feelings just like we do. So I encourage my husband, actually, to invest even in a company that’s creating meat without using the actual animals so it won’t harm the animal. So I’m hoping that takes off so that we won’t have to harm animals anymore in our world.

Kameron: But anything I can do to help with animals, I’m obsessed. I always said when I was designing and creating SparkleDog food that I wanted to do it to make the dogs happy. They eat just like we do, and they eat such boring food. They don’t have food that they like, and they get bored with it. Even my dog, Fancy. She will eat a bag of food for a month, and she’s sick of it. She’s like, ‘I don’t want that anymore.’ So that’s really why I developed SparkleDog food, so that they could be happy. I developed it where my dog loved it. He ate it until he literally died. He was obsessed. So I did everything to make him happy and other dogs happy.

Happy: That’s a super compassionate thing to do. Something that I think is so adorable is that you met your husband, Court, in college, and he proposed to you after graduation. Did you and Court ever think that your lives would be the way they are now?

Kameron: No, not at all. It’s so funny. I always thought Court was my dream husband. Blah, blah, blah. I never thought he was going to marry me. I don’t know why. Maybe I had low self esteem. I just figured it was just a great boyfriend at the time. But I thought, ‘oh, he’s never going to marry me. He’s never going to settle.’ And then, here I am. I think, ‘oh, my gosh, I married the guy my dreams, and I have this magical life, and he treats me like a Princess. And never in a million years that was going to happen.’ Never. I never thought I’d end up in Texas. I always thought I was a ‘Cali’ girl for life because I grew up in California in a small town called Montecito. So I, never in a million years, thought I would be where I am today.

Happy: That’s so awesome. But I’m sure you’re so proud to be where you are as well.

Kameron: Yes, very proud. And I love Texas! I told my husband, ‘I will stay in Texas as long as you promise me I can come to Montecito for the summer.’ And here I am!

Happy: You are so funny. That’s amazing.

Kameron: [Laughs]. Yeah.

Happy: I’m glad that you’re there. So one of the very many reasons that I adore you on Real Housewives of Dallas is your love for the color pink. I know that I wear bright colors because it just is a happy thing to do. But what is it about pink that gives it such significance to you?

Kameron: Yeah, it makes me happy, and it’s the color of love. I also like, too, that guys don’t wear it as often. So it’s really girl power in the same way. It empowers women. I think it gives us confidence, almost. Just because it’s a color that a lot of men don’t wear. It just gives us that girl power. I just love that there’s nothing better than a pink power suit going into your meeting. So I love it. It just makes me happy, and it kind of takes me out of the real world. The real world is not always a happy place. And I think sometimes it allows me to escape reality and pretend everything is perfect, sometimes, when it’s really not.

Happy: I definitely understand that. That’s such an amazing explanation. I feel like people wouldn’t guess that was the reason. That’s very cool. So I recently re- watched the season five Real Housewives of Dallas reunion, and things seemed to get pretty heated between you and Tiffany Moon. I know that, for me, when I’m kind of in the moment… Afterwards, I have a lot of positive feedback for myself and negative feedback for myself, and I appreciate it when I’m given the opportunity to explain my truth. So I’m wondering, how do you feel after watching the season five reunion if you have?

Kameron: It really makes me sad that we made up and worked things through at the reunion, and we had many apologies together, for each other. I have several text messages of us moving forward. I sent her cookies. I sent her a letter with my cookies saying, ‘let’s move forward.’ And I am thankful for our friendship, but it’s sad because it’s kind of like a bad marriage. Not everyone wants to move forward, and that’s where you just have to kind of draw the line and accept it. I hope she’s doing well, and I wish her all the best in the world, and it’s sad that she couldn’t move forward, but that’s what it is. In ‘Housewife world,’ you have to accept negative feedback, and you can accept it or not. You have to be able to apologize when you need to apologize, and you have to move forward. And that’s kind of one thing we do as Housewives. You can’t hold grudges, and you have to move forward, and if you can’t, the group dynamic really doesn’t work. We can’t move on to another season. So, yeah, it’s really sad and unfortunate, but, really, all I do is wish her the best, and I hope she has everything great going for her right now.

Happy: Yeah. Well, you guys are both such amazing people, so I hope that is able to be mended because you guys are both so powerful.

Kameron: Yes. We all get picked to be on the TV show for a reason. We’re all very different. We all bring something different to the cast. We all had our place and why we were there. So that’s the other special thing about being a housewife is we all work together to create such an amazing show, and you have to have conflict to have drama. If you don’t have drama, there’s no show.

Happy: That’s very true. It’s very bittersweet.

Kameron: Yeah.

Happy: But I’m glad that you’re able to have a sense of resolve about it. I’m sure it will be resolved because you guys are both so great.

Kameron: Thank you. That’s so sweet.

Happy: Of course. So you have two amazing kids, Hilton and Cruise, who you seem to have such a great relationship with, on ‘Real Housewives of Dallas.’ What are two things that you hope they will learn from you?

Kameron: I hope they learn to not care what people think. I hope they follow their dreams and do what they want to do and not allow outside influence to change them. I really want them to do what they’re passionate about. I think that’s so important. And I think a lot of moms, I think there’s a term called, ‘helicopter mom,’ where you hover over your kids all the time and kind of guide them. And I really feel like that’s the worst thing you can do. You really need to let your kids sail and do what they want to do. Here I am. I’m like this pink princess, and my daughter likes football, she hates pink… And it would be, like, the worst thing on the planet if I told my daughter, ‘you can’t play football, you can’t do that.’ It would ruin her spirit. So I think it’s so important for my kids to do what they want to do. Don’t care what other people think. Even if the other girls make fun of her at school for doing football, don’t listen to it. I think I’ve really drilled that in my daughter, and I’m hoping I can still work on that with my son.

Kameron: My son is a little bit more cautious, but I really want him to just put himself out there and do what makes him happy. So I hope my kids can learn that one day. I actually learned that after being a ‘Housewife.’ I learned no one wanted me to be on the show. They were like, ‘oh, don’t be on the show. That would be horrible for you.’ But it actually was an amazing experience, I really enjoyed it, I actually grew so much as a person from it, and I think it really made me who I am today. I’m strong and confident, and I learned that it doesn’t matter what other people think. We all need to follow our dreams, follow our goals, and we live once. So I learned a lot from that.

Happy: That’s so inspiring. I’m, like, on the verge of tears. It’s so great. Thank you so much for saying that.

Kameron: I mean, there’s always a lot of drama by being on the show, but, in the end, it really makes us stronger people. I know that’s in a very crazy, unhealthy way, but it’s survival mode, and you just create these walls around you and you think, ‘no one can hurt me at this point.’

Happy: I definitely understand that. That makes sense to me.

Happy: So what are the best and worst parts of being a ‘Housewife’?

Kameron: I would definitely say the Twitter trolls are not fun to deal with. I would definitely say that. But, again, after you’re on the show for a certain period of time, it just doesn’t matter. Those people don’t know you. And that’s the sad thing. It’s very easy for people to judge you from the other side of the screen, from a two minute clip where they don’t even see the whole story. There’s many situations on ‘Housewives’ where they would clip me wrong and I’d be like, well, what about that whole conversation back there when I said, ‘blah, blah, blah, blah’? And then they just judge you from what they see. That’s the annoying thing, I would say, is not everyone gets the full picture and the full story, and sometimes you have to defend yourself. But, then, the positive part, of course, is the amazing opportunity and the amazing opportunities you get and the doors that open being on this platform. It’s really exciting and you can help so many charities and be a voice for so many people. And I think that’s so special and amazing.

Happy: That’s so awesome. I think that you’ve been so great at that. Letting the platform be positive for you, and letting it help you inspire other people.

Kameron: Yes. It’s funny. When I joined the show, I never really wanted to have any negativity. But I eventually learned that comes with the show. I didn’t realize we actually had to argue like that. When you’re a viewer, their arguments are not as dramatic because it’s not you and you’re not in that moment, and then, 10 minutes later, you forget about it. But then when you’re in it, you think, ‘oh, my God, the drama.’ There are nights where I could not sleep. I mean, it was so much drama all the time, and emotionally, it’s just a roller coaster.

Happy: Yeah, I’m sure it’s a very different experience from watching it. I’m sure.

Kameron: Yes, for sure.

Happy: So what are you most proud of about your span on Real Housewives and what is your biggest regret if you have one?

Kameron: I’m most proud of creating a voice for myself. I feel like when I started ‘Housewives’, I was a very mellow, and go-with-the-flow person. The producers taught me that that’s not going to work in ‘the Housewives world’. ‘You have to have an opinion, okay?’ And I’m like, ‘I’ve never really had an opinion, publicly. That’s kind of scary.’ I feel like they really gave me confidence that it’s okay to have an opinion. You don’t have to agree with everybody. I didn’t realize that. Before, I kind of was just always going to the flow, following everybody else. Now, I have an opinion and I have a voice. And I think that’s so important for a lady my age, to have that. I also feel like it strengthened my marriage because now I say, ‘no, I will not allow that.’ Now, my husband is like, ‘oh gosh, she’s so opinionated now!’ So I really like that. I have an opinion now. Thanks to ‘Housewives’.

Happy: That’s so great. I love that. So what is your favorite quote in the world?

Kameron: ‘Love is sweet, love is kind, love is not boastful.’ That’s one of my favorite quotes. And actually my best friend recited that quote my wedding. So that’s one of my favorite quotes.

Happy: That’s so sweet. That is a good favorite quote.

Kameron: Thank you.

Happy: Anytime! So what is next for Kameron Westcott?

Kameron: I’ve just been focusing on my children. They are getting older, so their schedules are out of control. They’ve really loved mom having more time now now that the show is no longer filming. It’s been amazing just being with my kids. I’ve also had an amazing time representing a lot of my favorite brands and doing influencing on social media. I’ve been doing that, and that is like a full time job. I had no idea of the work that goes into being a blogger. So it’s really great that I can do that from home and I can do it whenever I want. I love doing that and I love supporting other female run businesses and supporting some of my good friends. I’ve worked so hard and giving them that platform that I got from Housewives and really supporting the people that I really want to help support. So Instagram has been amazing. I’ve also just been doing the treats. I still sell all my Sparkle Dog treats on Amazon, and I hope to expand that soon. I really haven’t been expanding it yet, but hopefully I will soon. I’ve definitely been upping my Instagram game though. I had no idea how long it takes to make a reel… I mean, to make a reel takes like two hours!


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